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You need a cleaning or sanitizing, restoration, reconditioning of different surfaces, application of various treatments, thermoplastic coatings with the latest technology or You want to buy a professional/industrial cleaning or blasting equipment? You want know if a technology is appropriate and safe according to Your needs? You need fast a solution? You want to compare the different cleaning methods? Click on Help and You will find the right answer for Your questions.



Meridian Invest is the unique importer and distributor of:

CRYONOMIC® – dry ice Cleaning and Production equipment,

MENIKINI® – saturated dry steam industrial and professional Cleaning machines,

IBIX® – blasting and coating equipments,

Also, we are the dealers of Linde Gas Romania and Kaeser.



Our services are based on the requests of the costumers in need of an industrial cleaning or sanitizing service, restoration, reconditioning of different surfaces, application of various treatments or thermoplastic coatings with the latest technology and professional equipment. Our services are based on the ˝all4clean˝ concept. After evaluating  the request and trying different methods on the spot we want to offer the best technical solution, whether it ’s occasional or continuous work.


Our Products

We are offering cleaning equipments, representing three technologies. These equipments are industrial or professional.

Cryonomic® dry ice cleaning equipments
The dry ice cleaning is a non-abrasive and non-corrosive blasting process. The Cryonomic  equipments are one of the world’s best-selling machines that run on CO2 pellets and compressed air.
Menikini® dry and saturated steam cleaners
The use of dry and saturated steam cleaning equipments (maximum humidity 5%) guarantees optimum hygiene and disinfection. It is a natural and environmentally friendly method of cleaning, disinfecting and deep degreasing because it reduces chemicals, toxicity and water in the workspace without the use of solvents.
Ibix® sandblasting equipments and thermoplastic coating
We sell professional blasting equipment for any type of blasting, from the finest, semi-blasting, layer-cleaning to abrasive sanding of large surfaces or metal structures, blasting booths for cleaning various parts / components, painting equipments with thermoplastic powder.

Contract cleaning and equipment renting

Meridian Invest offers sanitation and industrial cleaning services and leases the cleaning equipments together with the cleaning materials.

Industrial cleaning and sanitation services
We carry out quality cleaning and hygiene services, according to the customers’ requests in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction, protecting the environment.
Call our service if you do not want to invest in cleaning equipment, like outsourcing cleaning, or if you want services in subcontracting.
Save your money for your production
Rent our cleaning equipments without making an investment for a long or short term.  Save your money for your production!
Rent our heavy-carbon smoke machines together with dry ice for private events and weddings. Make your party unforgetable!


About us

Meridian Invest SRL has a 17 year experience in the field of industrial cleaning and works mainly on the territory of Romania for the distribution of cleaning equipments and cleaning technologies. Our services can also be accessed from neighboring countries. Given the competition and the specifics of our cleaning and hygiene services, we are aware that in the period ahead, the most important feature of our services must be quality, environmental protection and organizational health and safety.

Therefore, our organization’s mission is to: Provide state-of-the-art cleaning technologies by selling these equipments, warranty and post-warranty service, and delivering high quality cleaning and hygiene services, as required by customers to achieve a high degree of their satisfaction, respecting the legal and professional regulations in force, protecting the environment, continuously improving and diversifying the services provided.

Our company provides industrial sanitation and cleaning services, according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS standards.


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